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Louis Wilsenach – beloved mentor

Many of you have come to know Louis, either as a friend, mentor, influencer, visionary or as a reader of our books.

The media has covered the devastating passing of Louis’, and we have received so many sincere letters of condolences. His greatest wish was that Yeshua would await him with the words: “Well done Good and Faithfull Servant.” I believe that on the 30th of March, Yeshua was waiting for Louis with a wide smile on His Face, gave him a huge bearhug and shouted: “Yes, Louis! Well done my good and faithful servant!” and I am sure there must have been a grand festive celebration of this man’s life! Louis found all of God’s creation absolutely fascinating. Never have I met a man that could sing praises about the seemly most insignificant features like shadows, or the feel of a breeze on his skin. He would stand with his arms wide in worship and exclaim: “Wow! God look at that! You are showing off again!” Louis was larger than life, and although he has passed, he lives on in many lively stories. Not just stories he wrote or his own life stories, but so many people can tell their personal stories about this legend! Most of these stories will be filled with joy, mischief and lots of laughs. You are probably able tell the true story of how Louis managed to deeply impacted your life. Many were surprised to meet this real-life hero! He was no ordinary man. Louis could listen intently and then answer most surprisingly! He would always get you thinking… I met Louis 15 years ago and we became partners because of our shared passion for God, our country and education. I am proud to say that, by the grace of God, we have published many books; we have impacted thousands of children and people. My desk overflows with letters from children, facilitators, headmasters and educators’ testimonies, each year. It is a humbling experience. I would phone Louis and read some of the letters to him. He was always overwhelmed! I have had many calls asking: "Will God Ideas and Rainbow NPC go on without Louis?" And my resounding answer is: YES! More than ever! I want to call upon all who loved and respected Louis, to come in under the Rainbow Generations umbrella and let us work together to see the New South Africa Louis dreamed of. Together we can make the change!

How do we do that? 1. Be the influencer in your community! 2. We want to grow Rainbow Generations. We need you as our partners. All and any comments are valuable, please share. 3. Please go to our online shop and support the bookstore. 4. If you feel that you can contribute to our cause in any way, please contact me. It needs not be just financially! We need people with skills and wisdom. 5. If you have stories to tell about Louis, please share. I will publish a book in time, with all his stories. He promised a second book, and I will do my best to do good by him.

What have God Ideas been up to since Louis’ passing? 1. We have made all of our books available on ITSI, E-Book Store. Please take a look. We would love your feedback. 2. We are publishing on Kindle; Grade 2 is available on Amazon as we speak. 3. We are in the editing process of Grade 7. It will be available before September. Very excited about this curriculum. A Life Coach experience if you wish. 4. Our Facilitators cannot go to school yet. But these angels are, in many other ways, helping the communities, through soup kitchens, making and distributing masks, baby clothes and other winter essentials. My heart is twisted in anguish when I allow myself to think of the big hole Louis left in my life. I have also received a supernatural peace thinking about what Louis has left behind for all of us… not to mention the fantastic place he finds himself in presently! Lucky, blessed guy!!

Louis, we all love you so much!

We will do our best to do good by you!

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