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God Idea Production was founded in 2007.

Our Passion is to educate the new generation in the knowledge that they are talented, gifted, unique individuals that was purposefully made by a loving God.

We guide parents, teachers and facilitators to help children discover their own unique identity and to write a personal vision for their lives.

This will aid us in our vision that a country can only change if we assist the young to live a life of meaning, blessing and purpose.

Louis Wilsenach was a man with a passion for our country and a profound love for God. He lived out his enthusiasm in creating beautiful art and co-writing wisdom into our products.  He had a desire to help our country move into a new fresh era, through helping and guiding children to understand that each child is a God Idea.  His roots were in the advertising world.  

Naomi Bezuidenhout is an audiologist and speech therapist that understands the importance of early childhood development and the relationship between parents and children.   She lives out her passion and dreams by co-writing God Idea Books and curriculums, and coaching parents, teachers and facilitators to help guide them on the road to find their own and their children’s passion and vision. 

Intro to God Ideas

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