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How to care more for your learners

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Dear Colleagues

The school year of 2021 started today, with all the uncertainties and questions. But many learners return with hope and expectations and can't wait to resume school activities and resume some sense of normalcy.

I like to send out these tips to teachers, to remind you that learners are bombarded with so much since the pandemic. Some have lost close family members and, most know of someone who was infected or even infected themselves. They suffer from anxiety and, uncertainty weighs heavy on their young souls. You as their teacher need to show them that there are adults who care about them very deeply.

The masks and the physical distance does not make it easier to show them how much you care, and yet it is so profoundly important for their sense of security.

Here are some tips in this regards, which will serve simultaneously as character tips.

Remember that you have to build a relationship before you can start to build the learners character.

Character tips that work:

  • Memorise all the names of your learners, and use it. One's name is important!

  • Ask them about themselves if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Make eye contact when you speak to them, even if you have to kneel to be on their level.

  • Laugh with them, as often as you can. (We should laugh more often in class because once you laughed, your brain is immediately ready to digest more information.)

  • Note when a learner is not him or herself.

  • Note if they are absent.

  • Always ask forgiveness if you have made a mistake.

  • Always thank your learners.

  • Catch them doing something right and compliment them for it.

  • Give them your undivided attention.

  • Ask them their opinion and listen to it.

  • Ask them to help you.

  • Be understanding when they have a difficult day.

  • Make sure to contact them when they are ill.

  • Introduce them to people of excellence.

  • Remember their birthday and make special mention of it.

  • Point out what you like about them

May you be blessed with wisdom as you enter into this new year!

Stay happy and healthy!

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