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Character Tips that Work

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Dear parents and teachers,

These days many of us think about what keeps someone going in times of crises. Having goals no matter how small, and taking steps towards attaining them each day, is one of the key strategies in combating anxiety and regression. It provides structure to your day and adds meaning to your life.

Each teacher and each learner should, therefore, set goals and diligently work towards them.

For example:

  • I want to stay fit; therefore, I will exercise for .... minutes a day, five days a week. (Former President Nelson Mandela had the habit of exercising daily, even during his time in captivity.)

  • I want to practise my musical instrument for half an hour or an hour each day.

  • I want to spend an hour each day working on my weakest subject, part of a subject or gaps in my subject knowledge, to improve my marks.

  • I want to finish knitting a jersey; therefore, I will knit a few rows every day.

  • I want to spend a while working in the garden every day.

  • I want to spend quiet time with my Creator every day.

Character tips that work:

Assist children/learners to set realistic goals and encourage them to work on their goals every day. The goals should ideally be written down.

Children should realise that every little step in the right direction will bring them closer to their goals.

Encourage them to hold on to the goals they have set for 2020 so that these are not lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meditation piece I received via email this morning, said:

“Faith does not leave us inactive but inspires us to rise each morning and achieve what is expected of us, as long as we continue moving forward even if it is only by small steps. As believers, we should not become over-anxious and overly stressed in times of crises and need.

Everything is not lost if we keep moving and making progress, even if it is gradually. Our challenge today is to not give up, but continue in the hope that there is light up ahead is.

This kind of journey is known as faith.”

Joy to all of you and stay healthy!

Jeanette De Klerk Luttig

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