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This is an electronic version (PDF) of a Facilitator's Guide. The student will need a workbook.


This curriculum aims to provide learners with some instruments to get to know and understand themselves better.


The curriculum will help learners to compile a clear plan for their lives. With such a life plan, learners will not enter high school aimlessly but will tackle their lives goal-orientated.


Each facilitator, teacher and parent plays a vital role in how learners think about their future. We live in challenging times. Therefore, it is imperative to inspire learners with positive ideas and thoughts about themselves and their future.


The general teaching system is linear, which is not necessarily the best way to teach every child. Facilitators, teachers and parents, need to realise that children who are not strong academically may excel in other fields and should therefore encourage them in those fields.


We live in a diverse community. There are many and varied factors that make a community function successfully. A community cannot function ideally if there were only doctors, dentists or attorneys. A community needs people with varying and diverse talents, potentials and interests. That is precisely why each one is unique and different. We need artists just as much as doctors. We need plumbers just as much as people who can sing and dance.


Each learner must understand that his/her goal is unique. Not everyone is an academic professor, and therefore we cannot expect that all will do equally well in academics at school. We must stimulate and promote their talents in multiple ways. By doing this, we will instil hope in children and build a thriving community.


Theme 1: My life consists of the future "I"/me. We start with the idea that each one of us is on a journey. Even as a tourist carefully plans and prepares for a journey, so must we prepare for our life's journey. We need to learn why it is essential to attend to the planning of our future.


Theme 2: I get to know myself better. Who am I? Every learner must ask him- or herself this question. These lessons will help learners take an in-depth look at the self – things that motivate or scare you, what you dream about and how much power there is in words you pronounce over yourself and others. We will consider human needs and things that prevent you as a person from reaching your goal. These lessons will also help to address and overcome those stumbling blocks or obstacles.


Theme 3: What and Who supports me? Motivation, encouragement, direction indicators, friends, mentors, parents, God and the community as a whole – all these are of importance in each of our lives. This theme will take a closer look at each of these factors in the development of the individual.


Theme 4: What motivates me? You have discovered and have written down your vision. Now, you need to look at the responsibilities regarding that vision. How do you continue to motivate yourself in order to reach your destination? The last few lessons in this curriculum will help you stay motivated.


May each learner who works through this curriculum discover that God has created a community to be as diverse as a quilt. Each piece in this quilt looks different, and its function is different, yet together they make a beautiful work of art.


Bible study tools for Homeschool, parents, Sunday School, Primary School and self improvement.

Grade 7 GPS:a guide to discovering myself Facilitator's Guide (E-book)

SKU: E Grade 7 F
  • Digital, PDF, One Colour, 68 pages

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