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Parenthood is the most wonderful thing that can happen to two people in the world.  It is the greatest gift of confidence that He can bestow on us.  Our children come from our Father’s heart.  We want every parent to fully enjoy the blessings, the fun, the thrill and the joy that comes with every child.

It comes from our hearts, birthed by Scripture and supported by research.

It is a little book packed with great nuggets of truth and wisdom.

In words of leading psychologist Dr Joel Shapiro: “Great work.

Great format, from the heart, from the word, from research.

This represents the ultimate purpose of spirituality, of the Word that is, which is its materialization in the everyday.  Conversely, the ultimate purpose of the everyday, like parenting a child, is the spiritualization of the everyday, achieved by the Word.  Bringing this dialectic together is creatively brilliant.

I also asked a new mom to give it a read and her feedback was an appreciation of the Godliness of parenting.”

Enjoy the blessings that your child brings with him and her into our world.  Be a loving mom, be a strong dad ... be great parents!

Your child deserves the best, that's why God choose you to be parents!

A Blessed Parent's Guide

  • Print, 210mmx250mm, 36 pages,


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