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The rich history of the children in the Bible are so inspiring, that we wanted the children of today to become friends with these exceptional characters!  Today’s children can just as easily learn from their Bible Friends as they can from you, friends and role models.  These lessons will inspire and encourage them.  Children will learn that all the children in this curriculum had a unique calling, and so does your child.  Each of us have a wonderful calling that was chosen to suit our character, talents and personality.

There are 40 interactive lessons.  The activities are designed for children in their Grade 1 year.

The workbook and facilitator’s guide is a unit and should not be bought separately.  One facilitator’s guide per group and one workbook per child is recommended.

Lessons from my Bible Friends Grade 1 Facilitator's Guide (E-Book)

SKU: E Grade 1 F
  • PDF, Digital, 85 pages, one colour

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