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  • This is the workbook of grade 6 and should be used in conjunction with the facilitator’s guide


    During this year, the child reaches “maturity” and should learn and start to live, the Word. Each aspect of life is articulated in the Word. The child is guided to discover this by means of the curriculum. In Grade 4, we started to explore the Word of God and this year we will continue to build on that theme. The overarching purpose of the curriculum is to teach the children that the Word of God is truly and wonderfully alive. Each lesson demonstrates how we can find life in the Word.


    In term 1, we focus on the relationship with man, which God seeks and cherishes. We get to know God as a Relationship Being. We see His personality and His desire to be in a relationship with man. During this term, we will learn about several aspects of God’s personality. We will get insight into the origin of human life. We will undertake a journey through the stories of the Old Testament to get to know God better through the events in these stories. From the life of David for instance, we will learn how important it is to God to have a relationship with man. In the final lesson, we will learn from Solomon’s life, that when we have a relationship with God, we can make the right life choices and in this way lead a blessed life.


    In term 2, we discover our own identity within the framework of a Godly Being. We learn that our trust and faith in God is part of our identity as human being. God is Elohim, the source of all life, the beginning and the end of everything and man is the crown of His creation.


    In term 3, we focus on life in our repentance, salvation, being born again and our own calling.


    In term 4, we focus on how the life we discovered in the Word gives us life and how this in turn provides life to the community around us. May each child working through this curriculum, find that God’s Word is alive and mighty! Our heart’s desire is for each child to fall in love with God’s Word.

The wonder of the life in God's Word Grade 6 Workbook (E-Book)

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  • PDF Digital, full colour, 43 pages

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